Kross Studio, Warner Bros Consumer Products and DC Comics launch “The Batman" Collector Set composed of “The Batman” Tourbillon watch and an illuminated Bat-Signal functional art piece.

A Bat-Signal for the Wrist

The Kross Studio team developed a wristwatch that embodies Batman, with its dark styling, ultra-precise movement, and the Bat-Signal representation so famously used to summon the Super Hero. Here, it is a canvas for a central tourbillon cage in the form of a Bat emblem.


The watch was created with a new version of Kross Studio’s in-house developed and produced caliber KS 7’000: the mechanical hand-wound 3 Hz caliber KS 7'001, with a 5-day power reserve.

Bat-Signal-shaped tourbillon cage

Placed atop the central tourbillon’s oversized cage, the miniature Bat-Signal’s louvered surface allows light to filter through and enables glimpses of the regulator below and makes one revolution per minute.

Every aspect of these substantial art objects, like fine sculptures, have been thoroughly conceptualized and executed with immersive details.

Read the time

The timepiece presents a different reading of hours and minutes. The hour hand is affixed to a peripheral display mechanism orbiting 360° around the tourbillon. The minutes are displayed on a disk, making one revolution per hour.

A bold case

A domed sapphire crystal arcs over the dial in a low profile that complements the rounded edges of the 45mm black DLC coated grade 5 titanium case. Altogether, the movement and watch components total 283 parts, each hand-made and assembled on-site by Kross Studio in Gland, Switzerland.

Ingenious functionalities

For Kross Studio, the timepiece design required an equal balance of ergonomic considerations and improved user experience. The unique D-ring crown, found on the case back, and the “Time Set” push button, placed at 3 o’clock on the edge of the watch, maintain a low-profile to ensure a more comfortable wear than a conventional crown while also improving performance with a faster, easier winding and time-setting experience.

Interchangeable Straps

The timepiece is equipped with an interchangeable strap system. The clean lines are preserved by cleverly hiding the two quick-release buttons on the underside of the case. This practical feature will allow a change of straps with one simple click, from the included calfskin leather strap to either of the two other included rubber straps.

Batman iconography is subtly inserted to sublimate the whole such as the black calf leather strap embossed with the pattern of Batman’s armor.

A functional sculpture

The Bat-Signal plays such a key role in “The Batman” Tourbillon that it was only fitting for Kross Studio to include a functional Bat-Signal art piece as an integral element of each collector set. Made of aluminum, it is 32,5cm (12,8 inches) high and weighs 12kg (423,3 ounces).

Light Up the Night

Kross Studio's Bat-Signal illuminates, further immersing the collector into the universe of Gotham City and “The Batman" and also conceals a dedicated space on his backside to safely store The Batman tourbillon or any other watch.