Kross Studio watch roll collection

Shockproof and full of colors. Kross Studio presents a new series of classic leather watch rolls in an array of iconic colors.

12 colors, 12 possibilities

Choose from your favorite color to the one that will get perfectly with your watch!

The perfect watch roll design

One that offers the perfect balance of protection and upscale materials, classic styling, and practical functionality.

Under the color, full protection

The classic watch rolls offer unmatched protection for any wristwatch, at home or abroad. The rolls’ snap top closures flip wide open to reveal a removable pillow insert that can accommodate a Kross Studio timepiece or any other style of watch or smartwatch.

Soft in the inside

The fine microfiber lining effectively prevents scratches and damage to cases, bezels, straps, and clasps.

Don't let it roll

Subtle ‘legs’ on the bottom of each roll also enable them to stand upright on any surface.

A dramatically more robust watch roll

Layers of robust padding and sturdy interior panels lend further structure and shock absorption, with wood panels on the side and a metal plaque beneath the snap top.

Life is full of colors!

The contrast-stitched, genuine leather cases are available in a range of hues, from neutrals (tan, grey, black) and classic tones (navy blue, green, gold, baby pink) to highly saturated colors (royal blue, orange, red, yellow, turquoise).


Authenticity & Warranty

A Kross Studio branded patch stitched to the watch roll flap attests to each product’s authenticity. Register your product online to activate the 5-year international warranty.


Diameter 100mm
(3.97 inches)

Thickness 75mm
(2.95 inches)

Weight 160g
(5.65 ounces)


Exterior material  
Genuine leather

Interior material
High-end polyester microfiber fabric


User Manual
Discover how to take care of your watch roll to ensure its longevity.

Read the manual

International warranty
Register your product online and be granted an extra 3-year warranty that will extend the original 2-year warranty.