The Chromatic watch roll collection

Yellow Leather

Reference WRKSC-FLY22

Genuine leather-reinforced watch rolls.

CHF 200

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The watch roll stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of functionality and style. Meticulously designed to cater to the needs of watch enthusiasts, this roll provides a secure and elegant storage solution for timepieces.


Genuine leather on the outside and high-quality microfiber fabric on the inside.


Incompressible with the placement of two wooden pieces on either side of the case.


Complete safeguarding is ensured by the inclusion of a metal plaque within the secure snap top.


It securely stands on a flat surface, supported by two legs positioned beneath.

Each watch roll showcases a commitment to craftsmanship, ensuring that it not only serves its purpose but also adds a touch of sophistication to the dynamic lifestyles of those who appreciate both form and function.

Available in a striking spectrum of 12 captivating colors, the watch rolls provide enthusiasts the opportunity to select the perfect hue that resonates with their style. Moreover, the watch rolls can be personalized upon request, empowering enthusiasts to showcase their name or initials, adding a distinctive and personalized touch.

Kross Studio watch rolls boast a blend of luxury and practicality through their choice of materials. The exterior is enveloped in genuine leather, ensuring a premium and sophisticated look that resonates with discerning tastes. Complementing this opulence, the interior features high-quality microfiber fabric, meticulously chosen for its softness and durability.

This combination creates a cocoon of protection for your timepieces, offering a full-secured watch case that not only safeguards against scratches and scuffs but also elevates the overall tactile and visual experience. It's a harmonious union of exquisite materials that reflects the commitment to excellence in both design and functionality. 

A dramatically more robust watch roll

Indulging in a symphony of protective elements, our watch rolls feature layers of robust padding and fortified interior panels that offer enhanced structural integrity and superior shock absorption.

Wooden panels on the sides provide an additional touch of resilience, while a discreet metal plaque beneath the secure snap top ensures both durability and a touch of refined craftsmanship.

With a sleek and contemporary design, the watch rolls embody a perfect balance between utility and luxury, offering a distinctive accessory for individuals who appreciate the precision and elegance of their timepieces.


Kross Studio watch roll collection

Secure your timepiece in style with our Chromatic watch rolls, featuring a captivating spectrum of colors and crafted with impeccable craftsmanship. A collector's essential for watch enthusiasts, combining functionality with elegance.

Technical Specifications


(3.97 inches)
(2.95 inches)
(5.65 ounces)


Genuine leather
High-end polyester microfiber fabric

International Warranty

Each watch roll is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, and a branded Kross Studio patch stitched to the watch roll flap attests to each product’s authenticity. Register your product online to activate the 5-year international warranty.



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